Thursday, May 21, 2015

episodic antwerp

we had episodic rain and so our touring of Antwerp was kind of disjointed.  A mere 40 minutes away from Brussels by train - to a splendid beauty of a train station. 

We arrived with the rain. but by the time we found out how to use the subway to the correct stop for our first museum, it had stopped and we had sun... for an hour or so...

we headed to the Rockox Museum- a house of a wealthy man who collected art-

then back on the subway to the city center and the town hall and cathedral- and a frites stop -

the weather did not hold completely - as we ducked into the printing museum (our next destination) - it started to hail! LOL - luckily this museum was a real find! we could have easily spent several hours there but the museum closed in just a bit over an hour -

the preeminent European printing family for several generations - the entire complex (with print shop and home and bookstore) was extremely interesting and we really basically rushed through each room because there were no less than 25 of them - maybe more... well worth the time and quite near Antwerp city center.  We got back on the subway and headed back to Brussels so we could be back in time for our farewell to Brussels dinner at Comme Chez Soi (where we ate the - to then - best meal of our lives back in 2002 when we last visited Brussels!)

so stay tuned for the meal - the photos will show a good time was had by all!

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