Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ramen Battle 13!

So tonight it was a ramen battle- actually ramen battle 13 at Yusho... where two Chicago chefs do a face off for charity - for $35 you get two bowls of ramen (the competitors) and a drink and soft serve for dessert... add some appetizers and you have an evening out and entertainment to boot!

here are the battling ramens -

and the ballot (shown in the order of the ballot - left and right)

the original flyer-

the whole deal for 35-

the entire menu for the evening-

excellent bun selection- we chose the fried Chicken and they kicked butt- however- I have no photo (we were in the middle of something else when they arrived and I missed the opportunity- guess I will just have to go back next month for Ramen Battle 14!)

the watermelon, grilled turnips and grilled beef-

the ramen came - two styles- two distinct flavor profiles-

the ending- softserve-

the ballots were cast- our table of eight were split 4/4 - the other tables of 6 and 7 had five votes each for Van Lente and 1 and 2 respectively for Zaragoza- making our group total 14 Van Lente and 7 Zaragoza... my vote went for Zaragoza...

a fun night- and good group- skip ahead 48 hours and we will be back "at work" for the salmon bake at Duck Inn-

more to come....

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