Thursday, August 6, 2015

hot lunch!

a quick post on today's very hot lunch... the food was excellent but we made a mistake and sat outside and it was HOT! - we had been to mfk once before and really liked it so we decided to go back to enjoy the seafood oriented menu of tapas and large platters.  Again the food was first rate but I wouldn't recommend the shadeless sidewalk cafe on a hot day like today....

ceviche- of striped bass

anchovies- yum!

crunchy shrimp heads-


shrimp and papaya salad-

a missed photo op for the scallops on blue cheese polenta-

and then the chicken ballotine which is outstanding (and I am SOOO not a chicken fan)

two thumbs up from us on this place- it was just as good on the second try...

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