Sunday, November 15, 2015

finally we make it past lunch - LOL

So as you may recall from ages ago- we are now in the Bucharest part of our trip to Romania.  The total trip was three weeks and more than one third of it was spent in beautiful and interesting Romania... so back we go to the first day of seeing Bucharest- and we had made it through an excellent lunch in the old city.  Our post lunch destination was a twenty minute drive to a large park where a number of old buildings had been brought together as an open air museum.  "During its 80 years of existence (opened in 1935, by a Romanian sociologist, Dimitri Gusti) the museum has managed to acquire peasant houses from all Romanian regions and historic provinces. Long forgotten customs or traditions are kept alive in this museum." (from Tripadvisor which rated the Village Museum #3 of 212 things to do in Bucharest)

the map of the entire museum along the lake - hundreds of buildings-


The museum was very large and even though these are a lot of photos they only represent a portion of what we saw.  The afternoon slipped away quite quickly and we returned to the hotel.  We had a dinner reservation at a place called Noblesse- recommended by Cornl (our guide and driver) and it turned out to be excellent! Two superb soups to start and the mains were well prepared- and we had a terrific bottle of Romania wine.

so there you have the completion of our long day of seeing Bucharest- a beautiful cosmopolitan city with many worthy sights- sadly we leave tomorrow. We have much to see and do while here in Romania and miles and miles in between things as well.... so tomorrow we are off to see Peles Castle and at least one beautiful chapel... and I am sure other things along the way- maybe a winery... LOL we try not to miss those.... so stay tuned!

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