Saturday, January 23, 2016

before we leave

I forgot to post this cool thing that happened-

here are the three photos that show it- I was in front of the main house at the coffee farm and something caught my eye... and I didn't want to move closer in case I would scare him away so I am showing you just the clearest of the photos - I watched him hang in the air with his helicopter like wings for quite some time and although the photos were blurry I did see all the various stages of how he manages to just hover at the flowers--- totally cool!

did I mention that I have terrific distance vision? thanks to lasik surgery in August of 2000 - I have not only not worn glasses but also have distance vision my dear hubby only dreams of... thanks to Dr. Dick Dennis of Chicago Cornea (OK blatant name dropping but he is not only my eye surgeon - he is also a long long time wino friend) and I thought this was a perfect example of how well I see- the first photo was where I was when the little guy caught my eye- and I only moved about seven or eight feet closer- the second photo is just cropped and blown up in the following two---

and while discovering my little humming bird I also came across a few photos from up on the mountain that I missed posting- the "grandma" and Honey (of Cienfuegos Choir fame - who also is the wife of our guide)

and then remember way back - almost a month ago when I posted this photo? My mystery cowboy- well here he is revealed. He patiently answered all the questions the group asked no matter how ignorant we were of farming or coffee plantations etc...

The cowboy things were all around the farm---

well- except the boots - I think in Cuba you take the boots you get- no fancy cowboy boots for these guys...

so as we leave town I get to take a few photos out of the bus window - and then we are off to Cienfuegos for one of our two "bathroom stops"-

the first of our stops was multipurpose- drop off Honey at home, visit Raul's house in Cienfuegos so we could see how a top guide lives and for the group to use the multiple bathrooms

the kitchen is well stocked and has all the appliances you would find in the kitchens of any other country-

including mugs with photos of Raul and Honey  :-)

They have redone an older home very near the UNESCO part of Cienfuegos and since they collect antiques - have tried to keep elements of the original house while updating the things that make a difference (kitchens & bathrooms mostly)

I don't know if I mentioned this- when we were in Trinidad in the wood carving artist's house - but Raul had commissioned a carving of his youngest daughter Sarah, and her great-grandparents because she may not remember them after they have gone as she is only 15 months old now- so here is their own carving of Sarah and her great grandparents- and then a photo through the bus window of the great grandparents and Sarah and Honey's mom (Sarah's grandmother.)

Then we continued on the road- with a stop at a rest area/souvenir stand/bathroom/bar/ice cream place....

we had an ice cream to tide us over until we reached lunch with the fishermen.... but that will be the next post - stay tuned the town was lovely- here is a teaser photo to bring you back!

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