Saturday, January 23, 2016

we return to Havana

A very long day of travel, we left Trinidad early and traveled back to Havana via Cienfuegos- and via a lunch stop outside of town near the Hemingway house -

we have a terrific lunch with the fishermen and luckily other members of the group have many questions- LOL since I don't fish or have a clue - but others do, so we do well- the lobster lunch was fab!

The hour is late and so off we go directly to the hotel - but since we already in town (so to speak) I will do the Hemingway house in this post as well- - - this time there are many more souvenirs to buy- I think last time there was a small counter for coffee and a couple of racks of postcards...Alas, this will only get worse I am sure...

the house is open and airy and sits on top of a hill -

injuries from the Spanish Civil War caused "Papa" back problems so he typed standing up...

From here it is Havana for one more day and then home to Miami- pick up the car at Larry's and home to our kitties... so we are closing in on the end here....

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