Tuesday, March 15, 2016

election night!

So WOW what a night! Yes it was election night - not only in real life but also tonight at the Asolo - where the incredible Tony award winning play "All the Way" is being magnificently staged.  The crisp and snappy dialogue and the fast pace of the events surrounding the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Freedom Summer, and the 1964 Johnson/Goldwater election made the story virtually breathtaking.  This is a magnificent and timely play with amazing dialogue - some of which couldn't be more timely if it tried!

“Please consider this a rave review for an ensemble of players that would do its company proud on any stage in the world.”  – Richard Seff, D.C. Metro Theater Arts.com
“Wyman is nothing short of brilliant as L.B.J.”  – Dennis Maley, Bradenton Times
The acting was outstanding - earning a standing ovation from the audience who spent the intermission on phones and reporting amongst themselves about the primary elections going on tonight outside the theater in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Missouri.  So let's get to the visual aids and if you can get to the theater to see this one - go out of your way to do it!

next up at Asolo- "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" and tomorrow a lecture at Einstein's Circle by Jeff Rodgers on Life in the Universe: Are We Alone? We already know he is an excellent presenter from the times we have heard/seen him at Bishop Planetarium so this should be a fun topic... stay tuned.  In less than two days the Film Festival program will be released and we will be pouring over the schedule deciding on what to see the first ten days in April!

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