Friday, March 11, 2016

this week

Our week has been pretty darn busy- we think we had reached agreement on two real estate deals (hopefully including our house) and we between us - started three new classes at USF-SM and got together with friends Al & Carol for dinner, tried a new lunch place, had a "farewell" dinner with our favorite sommelier in town, James at Michael's on East (he's headed off to Portland with wife and child to start a new life) and we ended our week with the symphony.

and next week things get really busy-  classes, theater, lecture, baseball (spring training game in Lakeland with CBGB) and then we are off to visit Angela & Lee for the weekend (Durham NC)

never a dull moment- oh and yeah, I forgot - the tickets for the Sarasota Film Festival go on sale on Thursday!!!! which means a lot of picking and planning on Thursday before we head out of town....

so here are a few photos/scans from the week-

dinner venue with Al & Carol-

I did a whole post about lunch but here is the reminder of the place- go back a post or two and you can read the whole thing-

text book for my 1890's history class- which seems like it will be extremely interesting - Phil's class is on the civil war and my other class is on the middle ages-

food from terrific dinner at Michael's on East- shrimp tempura and wedge salad appetizers

one bite- amuse of halibut (overcooked but one bite so who cares? LOL)

tuna- with the forbidden rice- for me and sea bass for Phil-

this is the perfect dessert- one layer of coffee (espresso) ice cream for me and the other layer vanilla with heath bar crunch for Phil- he also gets the fudgy topping LOL - Oh and the chocolate stick- he is the chocoholic in this household...

and tonight- the orchestra - playing a nice selection of classical and more contemporary works - Copland, Brahms, and Dvorak. (below the conductor Anu Tali, and soloist from tonight's concert)

our time is drawing near for the end of the winter- and we have only two plays and one more orchestra concert scheduled- but who knows how long we will be here if the house sells per the agreed upon closing date of 4/14.... we will see how that goes...

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