Wednesday, April 20, 2016

a game I play

frequently when someone sends me an article to read I will cull my favorite sentence and quote it back to them in a response.  I am not sure when I started doing this, or really exactly why... but it is a combination of loving a well crafted sentence and loving the absurdity of some of the things people actually put into writing.  Sometimes the "pull quote" (which essentially what I am doing in publishing terms) is chosen for its pithy quality and sometimes for its pathos and sometimes just for its stupidity.

recently I read several articles sent to me by my one of my "clipping services" (better known as my husband and my good buddy TB) and here are the pull quotes from those articles-

"the so-called Generation Z (born since 1995) is “smoking less, graduating more, having fewer pregnancies, and committing fewer robberies, car thefts and murders.” Phones do prevent crime, under this theory, but not because we're all calling for help — it's because we're all posting photos of our lunch." (from a column called Ask Cecil about whether cell phones deter crime)

and from a NYT article on robot cats becoming "service animals" to dementia patients- 
"There, atop her dresser, perched an orange robot cat, staring out across the room in rigor mortis, blurring the previously unblurred line between cute and dead."  

So there is always a source of amusement in the world... sometimes it is only a shift in perspective that is needed to find it...

I am drafting a tome of a post coming up soon on the move and movies and moving forward- or at least moving on... so stay tuned!

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