Monday, April 4, 2016

three quarters

three quarters of the way through our four day intensive at the Sarasota Film Festival... today was my heaviest lifting- LOL- four film slots with a total of a dozen films (9 shorts and 3 features) so here is the run down with my comments -BTW it's late and I am tired - tomorrow more and then we are done because we leave for Chicago-I say this so you will understand that these are my opinions without a lot of supporting reasoning- I just have run out of time LOL

we started the day with Breakfast at Ina's and it began with two shorts-

Wow- - wish I had known Ina when she had the restaurant open- what a terrific lady and amazing story - worth seeing -

notice this one is ONE MINUTE long! but it managed to get its message across just fine Thank You!

this one was really really cute - about a young lady mistaken for a terrorist due to a set of circumstances that look very suspicious but are actually quite innocent...
 and then I went into the shorts selections while Phil went off to meet his trainer- and here are the seven films we saw- varying amounts of time - I LOVED Piece of Cake and Rated.. the Dynamic Double Standard was very short with an excellent message. Not so keen on Centrepoint Kidz but liked the Apollo81 (intellectually interesting)- Sumo Road was just plain stupid and Twisted was bizarre.... sorry I don't have time to go into them in further detail but look out for the two I really liked!

and then we got back together for two more films in the evening- the terrific and funny "gangster" picture with a body double plot line.

then the seriously unfortunate Elbow Grease- it was SO BAD we got up and left in the middle of the movie- just completely effing awful stupid people doing more stupid things - horrid- and the only one worth watching was the woman who actually seemed to be reasonably intelligent surrounded by a whole family of dumb f**ks- and the movie makers packed the audience with equally moronic folks who thought these characters were the funniest things ever.... I LOVED Napoleon Dynamite and thought this might have potential - boy was I wrong. STUPID STUPID STUPID...thank god my date felt the same way I did and we looked at each other and nodded and got up and left.

so a rather full day at the movies- and tomorrow is pretty much more of the same- we are headed to Chicago for ten days beginning Wednesday so we will miss the second half of the Festival and also that put us in a position where we had a really concentrated four days of more to come before we are off to pack and move the household goods...

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