Sunday, April 3, 2016

off to more movies!

So day two for us at the film festival- I had two films scheduled and while both were good, they weren't exactly what I was expecting-
The Miss Sharon Jones movie I misinterpreted the above blurb as her whole journey- but really this was more her journey through the cancer treatment.  She surely is an inspirational woman but I kind of would have liked more about her personal history to be included in the film.  She is one powerful woman!

This film was an excellent review of Norman Lear's professional and creative life with a bit of family info interspersed- wow what an influence he was and is on the genre of sitcom... it made me want to go out and buy his book... Even This I Get to Experience... really interesting life - and now at 93 you see a man at peace with the way things have come out and who relishes the loving family nuclear and extended (as he put it) he has to support him.

so overall as a film I liked the Lear film better but both subjects were inspirational and interesting - tomorrow a ig day with four films - actually waaaaay more than four films because I have three feature films and one group of shorts and a couple of the films have shorts before them - so here is what it looks like- seven plus three plus two more shorts with Breakfast at Ina's for a total of 12 films of varying lengths in total...

so stay tuned for more fun and games tomorrow-  

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