Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a favorite for lunch

one of our favorite places to have lunch these days is mfk.  Named for mfk fisher the food writer, this hole-in-the-wall joint with seating for no more than twenty-six has terrific tapas.  The only drawback to dining there is the absolutely impossible parking.  You used to be able to park around the corner at the hospital parking lot but they built a new building there so alas no more parking...

to bring you up to speed - here are prior posts about lunch there- with some excellent recommendations via photos of the food!

so today the meal was just a good as always! Can't wait to return (we have reserved for when Steve & Suzanne visit the end of next month when we get back from our grand voyage! LOL)

so off we go-

so first we ate! and then we ate and then we ate some more- we love the food here!

so from the "little bites" section of the menu- we had seven dishes- then two from the "from the soil" and finally one from the "plancha" section of the menu where the dishes are larger....


prawn heads

three kinds of anchovies (in the order shown on the menu)

and the winner in the anchovy taste test - the salt cured ones with lemon zest - wow terrific preparation (gonna make these at home some time!)

then the smoked chicken croquettes and the snails to round out the first bites - LOL - we only missed a couple of the choices - (the brandade and the bread)

then we had two fabulous veg "sides" (haricots verts and the cauliflower) and the finally the meatballs (albondigas!) with polenta and tomato jam

we were totally stuffed but since dinner isn't until post 9 PM we have plenty of time to get over it- LOL....

one of two four-tops in the place - it's tiny but mighty! (out list for check out) -

so on we go... tonight to Oriole (a new place run by two favorite food folks Noah & Cara Sandoval) - we are so excited because we LOVED their last place Senza...  then to round out the week we are finally catching up with friends Brian & Tina and then later in the week Zack & Becky - here's how long it is since we have seen these folks - Brian & Tina have gotten married and Zack & Becky have had another baby...LOL   Seriously - matching schedules with anyone these days is an art form LOL and we are maybe worse than most to catch up with given our travel schedule and lock & leave lifestyle... Oh and good news- our couches are scheduled to arrive on Saturday!!!!! Lucy will be soooo happy and so will I - finally a place to sit down where we can have some kitty lovin time!

so stay tuned for the review of Oriole and photos of the new couches.....

here is a photo of the couch material next to the rug it will be "on" - we chose the lighter on over the navy - change of pace for us but the room in east facing and after about 11 AM doesn't get a lot of light so we thought this would work for this room.... (I got that tray in Tunisia when I was there with my "danger zone" travel buddy Jennifer Bater! )

back later with the Oriole report.... tomorrow we stay home to watch the first woman candidate for the President of the United States of America accept the nomination of her party.

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