Saturday, July 23, 2016

life intrudes

LOL - of course not really, life is what happens day to day and sometimes it is busy and sometimes not so much- OK so maybe most of the time it is busy around our house-

I was going to get my Canada posts done but now I have some things that need to be noted - so I will get back to the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver (city to island) a bit later- because last night we saw a really funny show and tonight we had dinner with Chaine friends at a new (to us) place called Serai....

so let's start with the one man show at Northlight Theater- called My Son the Waiter: a Jewish Tragedy.  Brad Zimmerman wrote it and performs it and it is very very very funny. It is also in places very touching.  So here is what I have to say to Brad "Attaboy Zimmie!"  and I hope you have many such reviews for your wonderful performance.

It is a narrative with jokes - some old and some newer but delivery is everything so either way you will laugh even if you have heard them before- go online buy yourself some tickets and go see it before it ends- you will thank me and you will thank Brad's (long suffering) mom LOL- because she is an endless supply of material for Brad's stories.... trust me on this one- especially if you are a Jew, have a friend who is a Jew, ever met a Jew, this guy is funny (despite being such a non observant Jew he says he is "just above Muslim" LOL) GO ALREADY!


and the next season of Northlight has been announced if you want to check it out-

then - before I could even finish this post about the show we were off for dinner with friends from the Chaine food group-  tonight we met Mon, Beth, Shari, Kevin and Kevin's twin Keith for dinner at Serai (sort of Logan Square- ish location)

Some excellent dishes came in large volume LOL

above the Gado Gado  and below the Shrimp puffs

then on to a noodle dish called - Char  Koay Teow

curry with chicken and roti - OK I ate more than my fair share I admit it!

then greens sauteed with fish sauce  and more food- beef with dry chili spices and lamb cumin dishes

Below- Beef Rendang

Cumin Lamb-

then Three Chili Chicken-

a chicken dish that I missed the name of- LOL

Sambal Eggplant- yum!

Coconut pudding for dessert- and not shown Szechuan Chili Fish Filet which was excellent!!!! - somehow I missed the photo (aaaccckkk Beth!)

the wines! in the line up- LOL -a Chaine style tradition

twins Kevin and Keith with Beth in the middle!

and an excellent sentiment on the wall-

so a fun evening with lots of god food and good wines and good conversation with good friends - #lifeisgood ..... and back to Canada!

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