Saturday, July 23, 2016

we return by ferry

So if you have followed this blog for any time you know that you have never yet seen a FULL plate of oysters - LOL- and  again this post you will only see 10 of 12 because I am so excited to see them I forget to take a photo before digging in... so this is just to let you know that this will not be the exception that proves the rule post...LOL

We got up on our final morning of the trip and had a leisurely breakfast at a cute place called - Spoons Diner (photos from their website - I must have still been sleeping- LOL)

 Then we drove north to get on another ferry across the water back to the US- this time we could do our "border" crossing before the ferry left Canada thereby facilitating an "easy off" on the US side of the trip.

much of the time we were in sight of some land (usually islands) and saw some lovely scenery while listening to the "Dances with Wolves" soundtrack playing in the cafeteria area- LOL

when we exited the ferry we headed back to the Chuckanut Drive area which we had started to traverse on our drive into Canada a week earlier-  there we had exited at Bow and here we entered at Bow.  Our destination was a late lunch at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive.  And my it was a worthy destination.  A fabulous meal - by far the best one of the trip!

we started with oysters!

nice crusty rolls!

we both had soup- asparagus for TB and I think mine was a chowder

a palate cleanser of sorbet and something sparkly (this is the problem with waiting to do the posts LOL)

a seafood salad that was excellent-

TB's fsh entree...

which came with a corn souffle- all hot and bubbly as you can see!

desserts- TB had the sorbet trio and I had the berry pavlova- both disappeared completely!

and that was my last photo of this year's very laid back DART trip.... I would end up being dizzy with vertigo for another week and only slowly return to ambulating with ease... just about the point where I was ready to call the doctor I started hearing from other people I ran into that they had recently had the same thing - and so I toughed it out figuring viral is viral and there isn't a thing to do about it-

so we both left Seattle on early morning flights and I cam home to continue the unpacking of boxes-
eventually our 200+ boxes became this stack in the corner - which shrunk little by little-

and then the kids came for father's day and took away some of the stuff and the stereo went to a non-profit school where disabled kids learn how to repair and/or use things like that and now we are finished unpacking (still having too much stuff) and have begun to actually finish up some parts of the new condo- like we hung lights for the deck- and got some planters and started to grow things - all the stuff that makes a house a home - or in this instance - a condo a home...

today I am waiting for the rug to arrive for the deck - and although I have more planting I would like to do - I am going to wait until later because with our travel schedule I don't want to add more to the watering job when we are away.... so on we go- soon off to "parts known" with a few new places thrown in the mix.... stay tuned- because before that, we have a couple of dinners that should be worth following (remember "sensational Senza") Noah and Cara Sandoval have a new place Oriole that we will try next week and we have many other folks to catch up with on the social calendar....

so to give you a taste of Noah's amazing cuisine capabilities you can refresh your memories here-

that should hold you for the few days until we get there! Stay tuned!

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