Friday, September 30, 2016

Metropolitan & Mike

So because we had only been out to eat the majority of nights this week with friends we had at least one more open night LOL and were lucky enough to have dinner with Mike at his club downtown- The Metropolitan Club.

So a recap of dinner with friends this week started with Judy on Sunday at Michael's and Barb & John on Monday at Ruxbin then Tuesday we ate with each other LOL at New England Seafood Co. and Wednesday was Next: French Laundry and tonight - Thursday - with Mike at the Metropolitan Club.

Mike had invited us to his club - well actually his club (he's a golfer) is in Houston but they have a reciprocity deal with clubs in other places including some city clubs like the Metropolitan Club here in Chicago.  We had been once before with Mike and his partner Leslie (about six weeks ago, I think)

here is the link to the prior trip to the Metropolitan Club-

This time Leslie couldn't make it so Mike invited a business and personal friend named Steve who turned out to be good company and a Cardinals fan to boot LOL

The food was very nice and the view spectacular- which is a given for that location on the 67th floor of the Willis Tower.

And on with the show- LOL- the wines all showed very nicely-

the view - amazing!

an amuse from the chef- a lovely scallop

the entrees -  ribeye, veal osso buco  and two salmons with crab crusts....

and every dessert known to man- no really the server- Christina brought all kinds of things for us to try - it was the end of the evening and I guess they didn't see any reason not to bring a bit of everything LOL - the creme brulee was the best of the ones we had - although the caramel cheesecake gave it a run for the money in my opinion...

good company (but we really missed Leslie!) and good food and good wines - #lifeisgood....

we get a night off tomorrow night but i am sure we will figure out stay tuned.

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