Friday, December 30, 2016

maybe one more

we did manage to squeeze in one more 2016 meal out - today off to the market to get provisions for NYEve....

last night we revisited Pomona and had another lovely evening- not a lot to say- Phil had the antelope (new prep) we shared the charcuterie and I had scallops with lobster ravioli and then we had the mousse cake for a sweet.... all tasted very good. The wines were from us- and both showed really well... and I loved the white while Phil favored the red...

so now off to get our meal to welcome the new year - can hardly believe it is 2017 but there is no denying the passage of time... and oddly enough my blog has now gone over 100,000 views... I think that in the last month or so I have been getting hits from Chinese spammers who must just send to any web address they can make up...LOL- because in the past a regular month would be 2500 hits and this month I had something over 10,000.

so for those of you who are not Chinese spam programs please stay tuned - the new year brings many plans and so the calm of the last two months will be a thing of the past - starting January 5.... there will be more to say see and do along the way this spring... my Uzbekistan trip is a GO and there is much theater, ballet, opera, concerts, symphony etc... to keep up with... happy New Year!

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