Saturday, January 14, 2017

her hundredth year begins

Yes- you read that correctly- the one hundredth year of our friend Barbara started today as we celebrated the completion of her 99th year.  Today was the 99th anniversary of her birth in 1918... and needless to say much has happened in the time Barbara has been here on the planet-

But the things we spoke about tonight were less about external things - the passing of wars and peace times and the accessibility of flights etc... it was mostly about a love story - her love story/life story... remarkable woman... she graduated from NYU in 1941 with a degree in psychology and sociology. She had been raised in the Mohegan Colony (Utopian society founded by leftists of various "stripes") in upstate NY and attended the Ethical Culture School for grade school. Until their home was built they lived in a tent on the property in the colony where their home eventually stood-

here are some photos from a visit to the Colony decades later-

a woman in full joy and happy mode- this is the woman we know today (these photos are only a few years old)

with granddaughter Allegra, daughter Beth and daughter Barb - and Barbara in sky blue in the center right...

all the gals tonight!

but back to the story- a long involved love story - but it is pretty much clearly told in this photograph

and so we found ourselves here - lucky enough to celebrate with Barbara and her family - two daughters, three nephews, a granddaughter and various spouses and her adopted "orphan" me, and Phil.

the lovely setting for the dinner party -

Barbara at various stages of her decades-

with nephews Peter and Tom and Rob and wives Sharon and Marilyn and in front Barbara and her sister Norma (known as Babe)

a sultry looking sixteen year old -

so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbara - we are overjoyed we could spend the day helping you celebrate!

tomorrow a new place to try with friends Gene & MaryAnn... and then dinner with Lew & Ellie and soon we are off to Chicago for a few days (to encourage gratitude for our sunny southern climate during the "winter" months.... so stay tuned...

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