Sunday, January 8, 2017

a surprise

today we are having winter and it made me want to stay inside tonight and snuggle with my very cute cat... but we had tickets to a concert at Fogartyville... so I was less than enthusiastic upon arrival but got much more upbeat when the opening act of the evening- a brother trio called The Walker Brothers (who actually looked like they could be the Timberlake brothers to me LOL) came on for their set.  They were young- and energetic and extremely good musicians so that was a good thing!

but then the main act - two "older gentlemen" named Compton & Newberry - came on and blew us all away.  They had such talent and were such good fun along the way that everyone was having a good time and the evening went on and on- with the ending being the Walker Brothers joining Compton & Newberry on stage for several numbers- and we had dueling banjos and dueling mandolins... and dueling guitars - too fun!

you can see what a good time they were having -


the Walker Brothers - as openers and then with Compton & Newberry-

a great time even though it was 40* by the time we left the venue - we are headed to an overnight low of 32* but it warms up tomorrow - so you don't have to feel too sorry for us... two days until my first class and I have one book left to finish before that- so wish me luck!  more to follow as always!

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