Monday, January 23, 2017

in the rain and cold

We arrived in Chicago last Wednesday night and on Thursday it was rainy and cold most of the day. So going out in the rain and cold would only be worth it for something spectacular and so it was... we went to Oriole for dinner and oh my! again another amazing meal and so much fun to see everyone again especially after they had gotten the two Michelin stars and several other well deserved awards...

so here are photos and a run down of the meal- a number of new preparations for courses that were even better than the prior four meals we had there... we started with Krug from the Oriole- a lovely opening-

for the above courses we had the 2004 Chassagne Montrachet La Romanee from Girardin (an old favorite that we are nearing the end of the supply)

for the above courses we had a 96 Le Corton from Delarche-

and our take home dessert! 

A fabulous meal - and so fun to see Noah, Genie, Cara, Aaron, Tory and Eden and all the rest of the crew! and if you don't recognize those little flower like things at the end of the menu then you need to go back and read this post-

We are thrilled to see this team of wonderful people achieve this level of success! Congrats to all of them! And yes we have reserved for pretty much the minute we get back to town for the summer! And Steve & Suzanne will be able to join us! Yea! so stay tuned because our weekend in Chicago continues with a new place in the neighborhood with excellent food! It's called entente!

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