Wednesday, February 22, 2017


One of the funniest scenes in the Asolo Production of Born Yesterday that we had the pleasure of seeing tonight was a game of gin rummy. But this was a fun evening all around.  The light touch of the director really gave the play a sparkle all its own.

The well known plot is summarized below-

this - the final season of the Amercian Character theme of the last five years at Asolo has had ups and downs but this one was UP UP UP on many levels - not too preachy but a few good zingers that were relevant to today's issues in Washington...

The director has worked on a number of productions we have seen both here and in Chicago- working at Northlight and Goodman and Steppenwolf- even the Lyric Opera!

a masterful production that made for a very fun and entertaining evening... kudos to the leading actors - but especially to Ms DiCicco who completely nailed this part with her multi-layered performance of Billie Dawn. Quite the heroine!

next up- the Mozart Requiem on Friday night and then Paul Taylor Dance Company on Sunday and then John McCutcheon on Monday... and no we don't slow down- Uzbekistan trip is exactly three weeks away!  so stay tuned!

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