Friday, February 10, 2017

we win! again!

OK spoiler alert LOL- actually no spoiler - the title gave it all away - we tried a new (to us) place and it was great! a real winner and we will be back soon!

LOL - make note of this- a plate of oysters caught on camera BEFORE the first one disappeared :-)

crudo listing - changes daily-

because it was my birthday we had my favorite white burg- OK so maybe now my favorite it s Beaune Close Des Mouches Blanc but this one is easier to find LOL

the crudo sampler (the three above without the cooconut)

I may never have a grouper sandwich any place else - this was beyond good- when to the level of sublime combo of flavors were terrifically creative in a dish that is always good when fresh but never inspiring like this one was!

the potato gratin- was exactly correct- you could swear you grandma was in the kitchen turning out these perfect and perfectly memorable dishes!

this time I missed the dessert photo - chocolate pot de creme- very nice!

so this one goes on the list for definitely returning to!  Fabulous service from Patrick and the ENTIRE staff was welcoming and they ALL ensured we had a lovley evening! What a wonderful surprise... tomorrow we are off to visit Angela and Lee in NC... so more to follow - stay tuned!

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