Tuesday, March 14, 2017

two and three

So today I went off to the Jewish Film Festival to see films two and three for me- Phil joined me for film #3 -

I liked them in the order that I saw them with yesterdays charming Shalom Italia in the first position and then second Fire Birds and finally Kind Words.  Overall I liked them all - Phil wasn't keen on Kind Words because he didn't like the main character but I had real sympathy for her and liked the fact that the story was not predictable and was quite complex (something you rarely see in American films.)

So as if we weren't busy enough we also had to come home and go through the catalogue for the Sarasota Film Festival tonight before I leave because tickets go sale to the general public while I am away for the next two weeks-

so we picked about twenty films between the two of us (13 for me and 7 for Phil) and bought our tickets while they were on pre-sale...

meanwhile- back to the current film fest... the first film Fire Birds was a tale of poetic justice with a lot of quirky characters including a fading glamour-puss who still saw herself as a full blown star...

overall - the three films I saw were winners in my book... I would look for Shalom Italia and Fire Birds... both worth seeing -

and now off to my trip so you won't be hearing from me for a few weeks! but stay tuned!

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