Thursday, June 8, 2017

playing catch up

been kind of busy this last week or so-

Last weekend we tried a new burger place for lunch - mixed reviews - I liked it but thought it too messy - Phil didn't even like it (said it had little taste)

Last Sunday we had a terrific dinner with Shari and Kevin at their place where they had oysters two ways (grilled and fresh) some charcuterie and white fish spread for appetizers and outstanding scallops in a smoked bacon broth for mains and several excellent wines-

our house was like Grand Central early in the week with service people catching up on systems maintenance etc... then on Wednesday we went to NT Live nearby at the Music Box where we saw Act one of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead a 50th anniversary production of Stoppard's somewhat Godot-like vision of two dead men figuring out "life" LOL- a number of humorous lines but overall pretty darn tedious...and a first act alone of 90 minutes we decided to cut our losses -

then tonight we headed north to Northlight Theater for Relativity a play about Albert Einstein as a person versus Albert Einstein as a genius (spoiler alert- he was a jerk)  A terrific performance by Mike Nussbaum.... and the two other characters were well played but the totality of the experience was different for Phil than for me... he loved it - I felt the story needed some work- the motivations of the daughter character were either confusing or didn't ring true to me.  I found myself wanting to argue with things she said and did as not making sense and she never seemed, until the final minute of the play, to move toward any resolution of her own issues.

So somewhat of a mixed review from the two of us-

Next season promo included in tonight's program-

I have been busy with the final touches for the garden on the deck (got mulch for tomatoes today). We have also been quite busy with wine tastings for potential buying for the cellar- beefing up the white burg numbers - and we have company coming for the weekend- so zoom zoom -

I did get tomatoes to try this year - they each have blooms and small green tomatoes starting - so far so good---

they are at the sunny end of the deck by the bigger table-

the hanging baskets are all showing pretty well and I am happy to say we have a lot of glorious color-

We have travel plans for the next weekend and then off to Ireland the following one - so we are hoping for a lot of good weather between now and then...

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