Tuesday, June 13, 2017

friends visit

So last weekend we had friends visit from out of town.  They arrived on Friday mid afternoon and we hung out until dinner which we had at El Maya - again terrific food but now they are no longer BYO even with a corkage so we won't be going there with any regularity from now on...

Saturday we relaxed on the deck and had pizza for lunch and dinner at Bistro Campagne.  Afterward port and discussion of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

Then on Sunday we went for a mediocre lunch

and then to a house concert of Joe Jencks (we BOTH like this performer and our friends liked him too)-

we by chance ran into Ron & Mary at the house concert and ended up having all six of us at dinner at Mythos Sunday night.  (below- Ron and Joe)

Our friends left at the crack of dawn this morning. We are preparing for a busy week ahead with Phil heading to NY for the Clearwater Festival with Jeremy and I too will be on the road.... then next week we have a Chaine event and then we are off to Ireland...

so good times with good friends and more coming up... #lifeisgood

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