Friday, July 28, 2017

a day in dingle town

Our free day started with a late sleep in and quick grab of a bite we could call breakfast as the buffet was coming to a close.  There had been overnight rain and so the morning was drizzly and overcast we took it slowly figuring we could walk into the small town for a somewhat late lunch and walk all around town before heading to O'Sullivan's Courthouse pub where we have a 4:30 private concert by Tommy O'Sullivan and Teresa Horgan (along with Johnsmith as the session progressed)

Kind of unfortunately for us - they were doing a bike race on the Ring of Kerry and so it was shut down to traffic which meant that on this Saturday all the tourist buses would be on the Dingle Peninsula and more importantly in Dingle for lunch and the afternoon.... so you will notice that these photos have substantially more people than my pictures normally do...

here was my favorite site- leave it to the charming Irishmen to combine the Hardware store and a pub in one locale   :-)

we had a nice if uninspired lunch down by the harbor-


we had dinner on our own at the Chart House - an excellent choice for a fabulous dinner with extremely warm and welcoming service....

then home to sleep as we were leaving for the north the next morning - the trip is 2/3 done and time had just flown by! More to follow - of course- there always is...LOL

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