Friday, July 28, 2017

a slea ride LOL

This day we went for an outing along the Slea Head Drive - and we had gorgeous weather which got better as the day went on...

First we stopped at stone circles (ring forts) from the early medieval times -  they were the dwellings of farming families- (we see some more of these when we reach the Burren in phase three of the trip north of the Shannon River and outside of Doolin.)

the landscape shows the Irish green perfectly.... the day is overcast in the morning,  but no rain to speak of...

we also stop at a nearby church (early period) with Romanesque architecture

Kilmalkedar Romanesque Church - This Early Christian and later Medieval site is spread over a large area of around 10 acres. Although the history of this site is associated with St Brendan it is thought to have been founded by St Maolcethair, a local saint. At the centre of this area is the 12th century Hiberno-Romanesque Church pictured right. It consists of a Nave and Chancel wth the chancel being a later addition. The church is thought to have been modeled on Cormac's Chapel at Cashel and there are many similarities. The church like Cormacs Chapel is one of a number of stone-roofed churches in Ireland. The first thing to look out for are the three finials sticking up above the gables.

the fuchsia was abundant and blooming

then a quick stop at the Gallarus Oratory where we sing and then Johnsmith plays a song 

you can see the sky has turned brilliant blue-

in the distance the Blasket Islands

we stop at the Blasket Islands Heritage Center where they have historical displays and an exhibition of quilts

after lunch and a film there we head on for some more scenic countryside-

I admit my memory is a bit hazy at this point but I am in luck because Jo Smith did a recap for us LOL and here is her description of the rest of the day -

After lunch at the center, we headed to Clogher Strand where we spent a beautiful, blustery hour on the beach ending with John singing “Traveler” and a few other songs for us. Then we went back to our hotel and had our second group dinner. Following dinner, some folks walked into town and visited the pubs and heard more music

Phil went out with a number of folks from the group and listened to music while I caught up on my reading finishing the book I had been working on since the plane ride over -

Here is a Phil photo from the evening and a couple of his from the beach -

so the following day was mostly free - exploring Dingle - we had a 4:30 concert at a local pub and then dinners were on our own- but since Dingle Town was so picturesque it gets its own post - coming up soon!

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