Thursday, September 28, 2017

another collaboration

so off we went to Osteria Langhe for the collaboration dinner of the two chefs from Langhe and from Spiaggia... the menu was billed as a sort of north versus south  but really it seemed like an excuse to have fun exploring things that neither place had on their regular menus....

we met Jenny (whom you may recall we met a Claudia pop up collaboration between Jake of 42 grams and Trevor of Claudia) at the restaurant - and the evening passed the way they do in good conversation and good food and good wine.... ending in the garden behind Osteria Langhe for desserts that we missed - we got a taste of the panna cotta but nothing was left of the second dessert - so since we had plenty of food we were not concerned but we can't really comment on that course LOL

here is the menu - with alternating courses being prepared by Chef Cameron (Osteria) and Chef Tony (Spiaggia) - we chose to bring our wine and not do the pairings-

these follow in order as above-

before the brodo - above and after - below

best course of the evening to several of those at our table - the terrific plin with foie gras...YUM

the perfectly prepared fish - hard to accomplish not having fish overcooked in the Midwest but their prep was spot on!

I am a huge fan of the rabbit at Osteria Langhe and this was good with the crusty outer coating, but not as good to my mind, as their regular coniglio prep.  Phil however liked this one better than the regular - to each his own....

our wines - an excellent 2009 Sigrid from Bergstrom and a 1987 Lynch Bages which was smooth but carried little fruit....

we may not get to see Jenny again before we leave so we were happy she had interest in the special dinner tonight and willing to meet us there for nine o'clock dining (condo board meeting tonight that had some "heated" discussion) and our last social engagement before we head off to Georgia is tomorrow night at Monteverde - a fund raising dinner for the Chicago Food Depository... so more to follow.... stay tuned -

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