Saturday, October 21, 2017

Old Town Part 2

This morning we were on foot for the four plus miles (per Phil's step tracker) we walked... We stopped for lunch at a lovely restaurant with wonderful dishes.  The place was located in the basement of the Writer's House Museum and is called Cafe Littera.  The evening meal was preceded by a stop for our first extended wine tasting at Vino Underground and then we were off to our evening meal at Azarpesha and first "Georgian Table" (feast with much drinking and toasting!)

This is part two of our first day of touring in the capital of Georgia-

After the stop at the baths (previous post) we went to the cable car/gondola ride to the scenic overlook -

more public art

the garden of the Writers' House Museum and Cafe Littera where we had our first three hour lunch- much food and lots of wine as well---

inside the museum-

 on to dinner at Azarpesha

here is a short video of some of the singing- somehow I missed video-ing the extended toasts - long involved and numerous over the course of every meal (usually 2.5-4 hours) we had on the trip.

here are some of the dishes we had that evening (photos from the restaurant website)

the ceiling is decorated in wine glasses - again from their website-

This is the land of slow food and natural wines (more on that subject to follow over the days of traveling in Georgia) stay tuned !

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