Friday, November 10, 2017

in the groove

So Lucy and I got here (winter condo) midday on Sunday and then unpacked the 11 cases of wine and got things in order and went grocery shopping and that kind of stuff before Phil arrived on Tuesday night.  She was out in her jungle (the walled courtyard) pretty much immediately LOL- she LOVES this place because she can go in and out all day long on her own- no "jacket" (harness) and no "string" (lead) like she has to wear in Chicago... LOL

We stopped for our favorite pizza (near the airport) to kick off our "season" - when we got home Phil began arranging his "stuff" and unpacked the box of things he had sent down with me and got the computers all hooked up... the things you do when you live someplace else for half the year.

Then on Wednesday packages started coming and we began our "educational" component of the winter at an Academy Talks Lecture by "Radio Dave" Milberg - which was an interesting exploration of the cultural changes wrought by the rock and roll revolution of the late 1950s and its impact on a variety of social issues of the time.

We picked up Jean for the lecture and met Barb and John there. After we went for an early dinner on the way back to Jean's new place to see her "digs" and say hi to old man MacIintosh her 15 year old Westie... and try her latest iteration of Key Lime pie... I am not an aficionado but I thought it was excellent.

Here are some shots of her place from the listing photos she saw online and bought it the next day LOL but she knew exactly what she was looking for - so jumped on this one when it came up for sale in July....

the back overlooks a lake and the whole complex is a bird sanctuary-

it's a really nice place and we're sure she will be happy there for many years to come- she has a lake house in MN that is her summer place... so she has respite from the summer heat and humidity...

Then on Thursday, we had work done around the house - including a lot of cleanup of dead branches hanging from the giant live oak right by our courtyard and window cleaning "lakeside" - and we had missed the peak of white truffle season in Chicago so we found a local place in SRQ to try (it was a fail- except our wine was good- a 1996 Corton Renardes (from Delarche)

today we are off to dockside for our first visit to Star Fish... and then our first Fogartyville concert tonight- and our first symphony performance tomorrow night- - many things already on the calendar so soon I will be back in full swing for posting too...

so now five days into the "winter" we are getting into the groove of life here- stay tuned for more fun and games...

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