Friday, November 3, 2017

significant other

So my last night in Chicago in 2017... I went off to the theater as Phil went off to a concert with his WFMT buds at the Old Town School...

We had seen Bad Jews at Theater WIT a while back and found it uproariously funny in a seriously awful black comedy way - so when I saw the new production at WIT was by the same playwright I jumped at going to see it on my final and their first night -

Here is the summary from the theater's website-
Significant Other - By Joshua Harmon - Directed by Keira Fromm -Theater Wit
Jordan Berman is single gay man in New York City. Mr. Right is nowhere on his horizons. As he's nearing his 30's, his close group of girlfriends begin getting married en masse. What happens when you feel like life is leaving you behind but you're still expected to be at the forefront cheering on your friends on their perfect wedding day? Significant Other is a bittersweet comedy about friendship, single-hood, and hoping you're not the one choking on car exhaust as the "Just Married" sign disappears from view.

Here is my report- I laughed and I cried sometimes at the same time! The leading man deserves an award for his incredibly touching performance as the guy who love (so far) has passed by... there was such sweetness and yet incredible sadness.... being in the age of late twenties and early thirties is the hardest time of many people's lives and mostly because you can't see what the future holds - as his grandma said- "it's a long book and the next chapter hasn't started yet..."

really a wonderful play - hope it is a HUGE hit for them because this one deserves a large audience!

so Lucy and I are off tomorrow in the early hours to her favorite place - her jungle courtyard in Florida! See you there soon!

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