Friday, December 22, 2017

A few days closer

so we are a few days closer to the start of 2018 and I for one will be happy to see the end of 2017 - so meanwhile- LOL we have to eat.... and we went to visit Dan and Max at Blue Marlin this week.... and we also ran out for a quick meal at AMOB (Anna Maria Oyster Bar) for a dinner and stopped by Kasa Sushi - so we could wish all our Asian pals there Happy Holidays!

two great wines including the very young tasting 2005 St Aubin Chateniere from Lamy- and a light but completely correct 1996 Pommard...

Phil had the cioppino and I had the pecan crusted grouper

We tried the new dessert Andrea's Chocolate Mousse Cake- which was excellent and share sized-

and Phil also ordered the bourbon pecan pie...

then we took this Charbaut Certificate from 1985 (Neil found it in the back of the cellar) to Kasa.  It was sadly in my opinion undrinkable - Maderized and nearly flat- but we had a backup Agripart to carry us through the evening! Lots of sashimi (wild salmon and escolar and maguro and ikura and unagi etc...) and then four rolls

  • the Fantasy - four raw fish in a seaweed wrapped that is almost translucent- 
  • the Fire in the House with the crab and conch surrounded by the roll and alongside a boat afire!
  • the Spicy Shrimp Tempura roll and 
  • the Alaskan roll 

and since we will have all our meals out over the holidays while visiting Larry we are having dinner at home tonight... we have plans to return to many of our favorites and try a few new things on our trip south... so stay tuned...

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