Thursday, December 28, 2017

dinner with friends

Our first return trip this winter to the Rosemary Cafe - in - you guessed it- the Rosemary District of SRQ ... finally got a chance to get together with very busy John & Barb...

Barb's ceviche starter and Phil and I shared both the wedge salad and the escargots-

and yes it is December 27th and we are eating outside - deliberately away from the heater (reserved for 80 year olds and older LOL)

the mains- meat loaf for me, BBQ brisket and ribs for Phil, BBQ brisket and pulled pork for John and Barb had the shrimp and scallops -

the Old Stones Chard from Bergstrom is one we bought for Florida since we are always pulling out whites- we also have the Argyle half stainless half oak for here and the St Innocent Pinot Blanc - of course we brought wines from our cellar too but we use so much white with the mostly seafood menus here we are always looking for an everyday white and those are all good choices...

my ice cream and berries and Barb's apple pie a la mode (shared with John) and Phil's key lime pie

As usual they were stacking the chairs and breaking down the outdoor tables by the time we finished our meal and conversation :-)

Tomorrow MA and Gene are coming up to try the hole in the wall Peruvian El Warike - then we are in hiding until after the clock turns midnight on NYE - anxiously awaiting a better 2018 (or nuclear annihilation - whichever comes first) #thankgodIstillhaveasenseofhumor  - So stay tuned! NYE caviar, foie gras, lobster, Stilton, Krug and Corton Charlemange! #gobigorgohome

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