Wednesday, December 13, 2017

more food

so it is still the time of year for meeting with friends before the holidays and we have had a number of nice meals over the last week- including - finally catching up with Mary Ann and Gene at Mattison's 41 for some excellent wines and conversation.  We hadn't seen each other since last spring and they had recently returned from China so we had travel stories to swap and ideas to propose for future trips...

  my wedge and snapper

Phil's carpaccio and salmon

our friends brought the dessert wine a black monukka Historic Rotta which was made in much the same way as Madeira (baked in the sun in barrels- just not carried back and forth across the equator) I liked it quite a bit - Phil not so much...

Then we had another terrific meal at Kasa- our favorite sushi place - we keep trying new things and finding lots to like! This time we had the Live Scallop two ways - razor thin slices over lemon and the "tail" seared and served with crab and a fab sauce! We also tried a new roll- fantasy which had four kinds of fresh fish and was wrapped in a translucent seaweed- very yummy!

salmon tuna escolar and yellow tail with avocado- really good....

We made it back to Michael's on East for the first time this season and had a wonderful meal there. I had the Michael's salad and mussels and Phil had giant tempura shrimp and the sea bass... the food there is terrific even if pricey.

Then last night we caught up with Al & Carol to celebrate Carol's birthday.  We dined at Veronica and Phil got to have fried chicken (a favorite)  - we both had crudo choices to start - I thought the gravlax the winner in that pair.... we like that place a lot... a nice laid back atmosphere and good food choices.

We have a fairly open schedule until the holiday weekend when we are headed to Miami for four days/three nights to spend the Christmas holidays with brother Larry... then once the new year arrives it is "off to the races" with school starting (I am taking two classes) and friends John & Stephanie are visiting from Chicago in January!

so we keep ourselves occupied LOL... stay tuned for more fun and games....

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