Wednesday, January 17, 2018

on market today

Yes- we usually do the moving on by traveling to new countries... but this time we are moving on with a new winter home.  Today our little condo in Sarasota-Bradenton (known by the SRQ airport code to us) has gone on the market.  We found a place we want to buy and now have it under contract with one open contingency so we are "acting as if" it's a done deal.

When we moved here we had a large single family home in Chicago - now we have a condo in Chicago. When we moved here we were Illinois residents and now we are Florida residents.  When we moved here a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom place was plenty but five years later, our lives have evolved to the point where we are looking for a smidge more space... so the next phase in winter housing has begun....

Here are some photos of our place which you have seen a number of times before in various posts- but if you know someone who is looking for a winter place let them know.  We have loved the area and are headed only a few miles away. Still within easy ten to twelve minutes of Anna Maria but actually even closer to downtown Sarasota where we spend most of our time on cultural activities and dining...

they say that networking and getting the word out to as many people as possible is what sells real estate most efficiently so here it is! Starting to show Saturday! come and get it!

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