Wednesday, May 23, 2018

white city lecture

so we had an interesting lecture on Sunday at the Museum of Science and Industry on the White City (Columbian Exposition of 1893) it was a three D computer animation of a fly over and walk through the fair-

I would say it is about 1/3 done at this point (after a mere ten years of work LOL) but what they have is excellent-

after the lecture we stopped for a late lunch at the Hyde Park location of BBQ Supply for a brisket burger and a side of brisket #YUM

Seeing the animated tour of the fair I recalled all the great slides from the City Beautiful lecture of my skyscraper class this spring- 

this first one of the transportation building I believe even came from the work we saw at the lecture  last weekend- 

so quite an interesting lecture (actually two interesting lectures)  and then on to the next two fabulous dinners LOL....

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