Friday, July 27, 2018

two new places

so we tried two "new to us for dinner" places this past week... one has been around for twenty years (and I did actually have lunch there prior to our dinner) and the second has been around for a few years but we hadn't gone because of the issue about bringing wine from our cellar (oh and you have to wear a jacket if you are male). 

We met our friend Judy last night at Georges Trois for an exquisite meal in the French tradition but with enough creativity to satisfy both Phil and me. We met Judy years ago through the Chicagourmets - a dining club founded by Don Newcomb and we all also participate in the Chaine here in Chicago to varying degrees.  She is the consummate traveler an is always heading off to one place or another sometimes with friends and sometimes with family but always with a sense of adventure.  At one point last night she was recounting a journey to the southern Sahara on camels for two weeks (she dragged her late husband along with her!) LOL

Anyway that is a story for another time I am sure - maybe when I do a post on "camel rides I have known:"LOL but this post is about last night's adventure in fine dining at Georges Trois. 

As I said - a combination of the jacket requirement and restrictions on bringing wine from our cellar has kept us from going there despite it being "opened" for a couple of years.  This is a restaurant within a restaurant, located in Restaurant Michael's former group dining room.  Last night there were ten guests total. Every guest enjoyed personal attention from the Chef who described every course to each table as it was served.  And my what courses they were....

our wines -

an amuse of chilled soup of melon and champagne

 both these courses were jewels!

these were two favorites - Phil loved the foie gras "french matzo ball soup" with it's decadent rich flavors and I loved the loup de mer with the crispy skin on  abed of chanterelle mushrooms

a pate des fruites that was extremely full of flavor and ever still held the bubbles of the champagne!

the main as it came assembled and then I deconstructed for a photo-

the wagyu beef was well prepared but the squash blossom was the amazing part of the course- filled with spiced lamb - I actually ate it - had no gamey end note that I always associate with lamb - an excellent course

the triple cheese - triple creme fondue of the house served with a preserved peach and toasted brioche - another WOW course

 a terrific souffle that looked simple but had mind blowing flavors of summer melons followed by Chef's take on Tarte Tatin - made with peaches (which of course I liked even better than the original recipe)

a gift bag to take home with some additional truffles (or so Phil tells me - mine remains unopened right now)

Phil raved about the meal the entire trip back into the city.  I think that means we will be going there again before we leave for the winter LOL....

our other "new to us" meal this week was a celebration/collaboration dinner at Blackbird with a guest chef from Husk which is known for southern fare in a few cities in the south...

here is the menu-  the dishes were hit or miss...

these courses were very good -


this dessert should have been amazing but was inedible - neither of us could eat more than a few bites - the flavors we sooooo not to our tastes

Phil liked the mignardise better than I did - black walnut fudge -

overall a serious disappointment - although the two mains of the pork pie and the beef were well prepared and very good so overall it was a plus but at similar price points on both nights I would have to say there was a clear winner and a clear loser... doubt we will go back to the "vaunted" blackbird, the dining room was outrageously loud and while the servers were nice the meal was not at all on the service level of Georges Trois....

so there is the report and now it is time to be packing in earnest for the safari trip... #placestogo #thingstoseeanddo  might be a while before you hear from us - but we will be back some time!

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