Saturday, October 27, 2018

a fond farewell

So while I didn't get this posted in a timely manner- this was my epicurean farewell Chicago dinner which I had on Saturday night October 20th.  I met Paige and Sharad (recent acquaintances from the charity meal at S.K.Y. a couple of weeks ago) for dinner at the "scene of the crime" so to speak.  They had never had the regular menu at S.K.Y. and so I agreed to meet them there on a night Phil already had a concert scheduled.  The meal was wonderful again! and Phil - who just planned to join us for dessert arrived in time for all but the first three dishes...

here is my favorite action shot of the night- fried chicken dish being finished table side-

the wonderful menu- wee had the first three from column one- the first two from column two and two sides (peppers and potatoes) and four mains- Chicken/Mahi/Bibimbap/Short Rib... then a couple of desserts-

no that is not a dessert sausage- it's a bruleed marshmallow covered brownie -  LOL

the following night we had dinner with  Ron & Mary and the next day I packed and left for the south and the two days on the road disrupted my planned last post before a vacay/sabbatical/hiatus....

on Monday it was Lucy's 13th birthday and the anniversary of eight years of blogging on semifreelife... we will see what the future holds... I have unpacked our winter wine and the construction of our new master bath starts in less than 48 hours... life goes on even if the blog doesn't.

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