Tuesday, October 2, 2018

visits and victuals

so our brother Larry came to visit from Miami- for the coldest weekend of the summer- downright awful weather...

but we had a nice visit anyway and needless to say it involved some good food as well- but before that weekend we tried a new Thai place on Kevi & Shari's recommendation- we liked it a lot!

but before we go there I want to make sure we start with some beautifully presented food - so let's skip ahead to last night's Mondiale event to start- a Kosta Brown dinner at Entente...

the most beautiful dish

the foie gras course last night!

here are the rest from last night- all excellent dishes -

of course- we knew the chef (not personally) from Schwa when he was there (i always thought he was too nice to work there LOL) and we are happy he has had such success with his own place... it has been a while since we have been there so this reminded us of how great the food is...

then since we started there we can work back in time - to the lunch from Sunday with Larry- at mfk.  which as many readers know is among our faves for lunch-

  we ate all from roman numeral I except the croquettes (which I find uninspired)

 while we loved the mussels in this dish - the combo didn't do it for us - we are not lovers of Chevre or of bell peppers - so this one won't make the cut next time we are here...

loved the chipirones last time so they were a MUST this time- still kick butt!

 a special for the day from the blackboard- escargot

 then the first three dishes from Roman numeral III

(We all liked the old albondigas recipe much better - might skip this forever favorite if it stays this way next time- 

It was far too cold to eat outdoors but the flowers haven't yet taken a hit from frost overnight-

then dinner the night before at El Ideas with Larry and our friend Jenny-

 the amazing foie course treated as smores---

and a lesser but fun dinner on Friday night at Jibek Jolu (no photos) which followed dinner at Osteria Langhe the prior evening - only the mains shown - which we followed by a quick soft serve across the street at The Freeze (not recommended- go to Lickety Split instead)

  above the incredible congligo and below the maiale- both fabulous dishes!

which leads us back to the Thai place where we dined before Larry arrived -

 shown above the thai spring rolls- the baby egg rolls - the shrimp in a blanket and the e-san sausage (too much garlic for me but Phil liked them) and also further above the Hoy Tod mussel pancake... and the udon pad thai (a nice change) and lime chicken (needs more spice) along with the nam sod (wonderful flavors and tender chicken)

all in all a winner - especially once we have honed our ordering ... so we now begin the "farewell tour" of our favorites as we come to the countdown to my leave date--- we already have Oriole, Oceanique, Georges Trois, and S.K.Y. scheduled... and I am sure we will find time for good Chinese and more Thai and a trip to the Wiener Circle (which has been sold to developers as itis prime real estate)... also we are making plans with all our friends and already have Ron & Mary, Kevin & Shari, John & Stephanie, Lee & NIck, and Todd & Evelyn, scheduled for various social time/meals... so there is still time before semifreelife goes on hiatus LOL (if it does LOL) so stay tuned.

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