Friday, December 14, 2018

holiday greetings 2018

In the better late than never category - we have this year's holiday letter LOL.... the rehab of the master bath in our condo (which SURPRISINGLY not took longer than anticipated or estimated by the contractor) sort of put me behind schedule this year.... my humblest regrets that this did not reach you earlier. 

as usual - it was a busy year - so much so that the letter does not even mention many friends who we had fabulous times with over the year... if you are one of those folks please know that we sadly needed to omit something as the letter already is long due to many photos of the wedding and the Great Migration safari and our Friends & Family trip to Europe... 

so without further ado- we wish you the best of the holiday season and a wonderful happy new year in 2019....

much love and hugs! V&P

woven baskets displayed at Four Seasons Serengeti - Tanzania

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