Monday, December 31, 2018

Holiday in Miami

some good food while we spent three days of Christmas time with Larry in Miami- lovely sunsets and relaxing time ...

arrived at the hotel Mondrian in time for sunset on the 23rd-

had dinner at Bellmont in Coral Gables

Christmas eve weather was decent and we had a terrific lunch at Mignonette

another terrific sunset from Larry's pool deck-


then to a disappointing dinner at Taverna Macchiolina

but we made up for it at lunch the next day (the 25th) at Sardinia and dinner at Drunken Dragon... never straying far from the hotel of Larry's place (three blocks south of the hotel)

 dinner menu and selections

then lunch before heading home on the 26th - at Joe's excellent food as always-


fun time with family - an escape from holidays here in Bradenton where nothing is open----  New Year's is upon us! Hours away to 2019... wow kind of sad about the way time flies- will have to make sure this one is a special and worthwhile year... lots happened in 2018 - many good things butt our curtailed travel schedule was disappointing... better goals for next year... :-)

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