Wednesday, December 19, 2018

other stuff we did

other things we had going on- while the year ran down the calendar for 2018...

saw The Music Man at Asolo-

had a new patio floor installed with rubber decking (guy pouring the last batch of the new flooring over the old poly-pebble floor)

went to Fogartyville to see Kara Grainger and again to see Pierce Pettis

bought a new car (here shown at the Tampa Auto Show but being the exact same car we ended up with LOL)

caught up with Mary Ann & Gene for dinners at Mattisons 41 and Blue Marlin

went to the Open House for the Center for the Great Apes

and the big project- the new bathroom in the master suite-

old photos-

 during the rehab- we moved the show door opening and enlarged the shower and re-tiled the whole bath- new vanities and mirrors and medicine cabinets-

finished bathroom-

oh and finished my garage organization!

so while it may seem like we haven't been that busy- except for seeing the PT and the trainer and going out to dinner LOL- we actually have gotten some things accomplished!

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