Thursday, April 18, 2019

film fest recap

So yes I did see 26 movies in eight days - actually many more counting the shorts - and here are some of the things I saw with a blurb about them - 

 Cute remake of old theme of spoiled rich girl learns the value of hard work-

cute short about a receptionist at a psychologist office who falls for one of the patients-

an interesting short about the six degrees of separation as applied to our own winter headquarters-

 a film that had a good story for a short - full of twist and turns but more interesting to us as it was filmed in a place we eat at least once a month Captain Brian's Seafood-

 lovely short on the subject of PTSD not preachy or heavy handed-

 the insert to my badge-

two films I saw with Mary Ann & Gene -

 my favorite documentaries- well worth seeing-
another good documentary -

a crappy but well acted film that reduced its rating from a three to a one (out of five) in the last stupid two minutes of the film - REALLY?

 my very favorite film of the whole festival - not for everyone but a visually stunning film where virtually every frame was a masterpiece of cinematography-

my favorite short of the whole festival - a poem that brought me to tears- 
all the shorts in the animated competition - winner and my favorite happened to coincide - in Two Balloons 

I have many more of course but I think you get the gist of it- many things to see....

oh but here is a warning - by far the absolute WORST movie I saw -

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