Tuesday, May 14, 2019

back in the swim

LOL - well we are definitely back in our Chicago routine but the title is a reference to Oceanique- where we ate last night-

We love the seafood here- all perfectly prepared - no overcooked fish here folks- it's all spot on!

because we hadn't been for so long we ordered many courses-

I had oysters followed by corn soup followed by the black cod special and Phil had venison pate followed by scallops followed by bouillabaisse

my food-

Phil's food-

our wine a 2012 Sigrid

a few amuse from the chef - as well as the palate refresher sorbet tat was exactly the right thing!

Always happy to go back there and despite the fact that it lies outside the city limits- it is only 3 minutes north of the line so it almost qualifies for city dining LOL

Tonight we meet Jenny and Eric at Jeong - looking forward to that!

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