Friday, May 17, 2019

a week

zipped by and here we are at Friday already...

We saw Jenny & Eric Tuesday at Jeong and then my cousin Cathy at Cafe Marbella on Wednesday and Thursday we had a concert at SPACE in Evanston with Ron, Mary and Nan

new favorites at Jeong- the mackerel sashimi and the broccoli

back to the evening - as it was served - we ordered tasting menus - one pescatarian and three regular and then added the mackerel the broccoli and the cod from the ala carte menu.... 

silken tofu



salmon tartare

scallop YUM!

the cod which was more of a soup and we decided too much of bacon flavored for the delicate cod (see we can have criticisms LOL)

duck, kimchi and rice

a substitute course for the duck - sorry don't recall what it was LOL

wagyu for the regular tasting menu

juk which came in place of the wagyu for Eric's menu

the desserts both fab

many courses at Cafe Marbella including the avocado and goat cheese salad with bacon; stuffed mushrooms; filet in peppercorn brandy sauce; sea bass in an almond cream sauce; more duck for Phil and two excellent desserts - a sponge cake made with 43 liquer and a strawberry tart.... but since we don't see Cathy that often we were caught up in catching up rather than photographing the meal LOL

so that brought us to Thursday's concerts-

The Sea, The Sea was a duo with lovely harmonies and a nice pleasant presence on stage.

Rose Cousins on the other hand had a dynamite voice and a quirky stage presence that would make her memorable and I LOVED her sensibility- wry and extremely sharp - I would have become a fangirl if only she had sung whole songs LOL.  Her songs were excellent but so short that I likened them to Haiku to our friends... but I liked her well enough that I would see her again if she were nearby.  We had looked to see if she was around when we were in Halifax (her current residence) but she must have been on the road... worth checking out.

tonight - sushi carry in then Phil has a concert -

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