Saturday, June 15, 2019

we eat at home

LOL- only kidding - sort of- for one night this week we did actually eat at home - the seventh game of the Stanley Cup playoffs which was won by..... the ST LOUIS BLUES!!!!!!! for the  first time in their history!!!!!

Meanwhile on Monday we met up with Jenny for some really good Sichuan food nearby at Chengdu Impressions-

on Tuesday we met up with Todd & Evelyn for a dinner to try a new "One Off Hospitality" place called Cafe Cancale - it was a complete winner!

raw scallops  - a winner

mussels escabeche with charred leeks were fabulous!

soft shelled crabs followed by the quenelles

excellent trout

the winner in the desserts was the kouign amann- hand's down! (pictured two down)

Wednesday the Blues won the day and the season and something like 50 years of history in hockey!

Thursday we went to a new place as pre theater - it was ostensibly Filipino and called Kubo... for was good and service was very friendly and it was across from Theater Wit - where we saw the Remy Bumppo production of Bloomsday a touching love story about missed opportunity... a worthwhile evening as we nearly finish the spring to summer theater season (with 12th Night being the last play until the fall- seeing that next Sunday)

Then Phil left for his "boy trip" with Jeremy to the Clearwater Folk Festival and left Lucy and I home to one nice day and two dreary ones....

Next week we have a Chaine event (final of this season) at Kumiko and a dinner with John & Stephanie at S.K.Y. But the craziness of early summer will slow down a bit before we head out of the country in the second half of July....

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