Monday, June 10, 2019

into June

OK so sometimes I don't know how the days get away and I am always catching up here-

but then I see how it works out when I go back to the calendar and why it is so difficult to keep track of our lives - which I refer to as over scheduled....

So starting where the last blog post left off with Hannah & Martin... we had dinner with friends the following night (Mike & Leslie) at our place (carry in sushi) and then dinner at friends house (Kevin & Shari) for the holiday weekend where we had a magnificent meal -

caesar salad bites and fresh oysters (we had them with chipotle bourbon sauce too!

some of the wines

Thai spiced watermelon crab soup- OMG!

amazing filet and outstanding smashed fingerling potatoes!

the last slice of cake - with the dessert wine (above)

then we went to an annoying play at Northlight- called Into the Breeches - seriously lame vaudeville-esque not worth the time...

the next night we went to Georges Trois with friends (Ron & Mary) and had a lovely evening...

 then we went the following night to a Magic Show at the Palmer House

then the following night we went to hear John Flynn in concert at WFMT and out to dinner with friends (Ron & Mary & Nan) for pizza at Fat Chris'

then our next event was Jeong with friends (Sheila & Mary) another wonderful dinner at Dave Park's table!

Then on to another play - this one a cute and sentimental music based story of the 2016 Cubs Miracle team- world series champions!

Then the next night to 2C Chicago (with Paige and Sharad)  where we had a fun fun fun evening -

then the next night Phil went to a concert at WFMT and I met up with him and Ron & Mary at Jibek Jolu for a post concert dinner -

and then yesterday we went to NT Live for All About Eve - starring Gillian Anderson as Margo Channing -

this babe is Julian Ovenden - who played Margo's love interest Bill Sampson - a distinct improvement over Gary Merrill in the film...

so maybe you get it why I am not such a regular poster these days - my sincerest apologies if you are anxiously awaiting my every word LOL like that night ever happen- but I do my best to keep up... tonight dinner with Jenny at Chengdu Impressions nearby... and then tomorrow a new place with friends Todd & Evelyn (French food - seafood of Brittany and Normandy- we'll see.....) onward we go!

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