Sunday, February 5, 2023

A quick week in Chicago

So it's winter, and we have not been in a Chicago winter for 13 years! We have been seriously cold. We warmed up by meeting friends for dinners (and getting our stuff in the first two loads from Florida put away and re-homed... )

Our second night home we met Mike and Leslie for dinner at Bayan Ko.  Mike had just flown back form Greece and Leslie came down from Madison... so no one was exactly ready to party but we had a really nice meal .  Then we had dinner with Lee & Nick at Tango Sur and next with Jenny at Bistronomic.  As our week drew near to closing, we had dinner with Leslie at Le Bouchon and dinner with Todd & Evie at Obelix! 

it reminded us of why we love city living and despite the temps hitting single digits several days this week, it felt good to be home....

Bayan Ko

Tango Sur


Le Bouchon


and on the nights we didn't meet friends-

we had carry in sushi one night with Jeremy - and drank this old vintage Champagne form Neil's side of the cellar

on the first night we zipped out to Burrito House for a quick meal - 

Tomorrow we head south to Florida to meet up with friends Claus and Evi for a few days in Sarasota where we have meals at Blue Marlin and Harry's and Michael's on East planned with them.  We also plan a concert at Fogartyville and a return to Meliora and to La Much Ballerina (discovered in our final week there before our condo sale closed.

So stay tuned for more food and fun as we head off on our adventure in learning to speak Spanish!

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