Thursday, February 16, 2023

we start to settle in

 So we finally got checked into our apartment and relaxed after a lengthy unpacking and a grocery store run...

above view from our kitchen window- 

We then started with a first evening meal that totally kicked butt... 

First dinner out and we chose well! Every course was good but the pork knuckle was beyond delicious - making it all the way to sublime! The two desserts vied for the title of winner, but they were both so excellent that I'd give them both gold medals. Although we stayed last night in the hotel (across the street) by the same name, we had checked out this morning when we moved to our new digs, we did not begrudge the short walk to this fantastic restaurant (and would only say a longer walk back "home" would have served us somewhat better)

We walked home in an evening made for light jackets and hit the bed for a good night sleep after the long journey here... stay tuned for more-

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