Wednesday, February 15, 2023

we wrap up Florida

So Claus & Evi left late Thursday afternoon, our trainer came for one last session with each of us and  then we had a few days to ready ourselves for two months away.  That evening we returned to Meliora, the new high end dining place in SRQ. We sat at the chef's table for the second of my birthday celebration dinners (the first was Obelix with Todd & Evi before we left Chicago!)

We made stops at our favorite lunch places (Bella Mia and South Philly) and had a dinner with friends Mary Anne and Gene, as well as a last dinner at Brine. Then it was off to Spain...

Oh and I forgot to mention we went to Fogartyville for a concert on my actual birthday. 

Dinner with MA & Gene the last Saturday we were in town... at La Mucca  Ballerina 

so that ended our 13 winters in Florida... of course we will return but as visitors - not residents.  And now.... we are off to Spain!

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