Wednesday, March 8, 2023

back in time in Andalucia

We were off far too early for a weekend morning - got the bus at roughly 9 am from Plaza del Duque made two more stops to pick up others. (and yes I know it is totally spoiled but this is why we have mostly traveled on our own and hired drivers and guides over the years- such a waste of time) 

After we finally got out of town we headed toward nearby Carmona (where my mother and I stayed at the parador in 1999.) We walked through the city from one gate to the another on the opposite side.  It was so early, the town was sleepy but lovely and apparently (we later learned from our teacher Christina), a place where many retired people live because there are good restaurants and nice housing and it's only 20 minutes or so by freeway to Sevilla...

then we had a bus ride for 1 hour and 40 minutes to Cordoba. where we first did a tour of the Jewish quarter then had lunch on our own and then did the tour of the Mezquita.

photos from the Jewish quarter and outside the Mezquita where there were many souvenir stands.

above-a view form the bus window- and because it was a big photo day I think I will do     a part 2 to this post. Stay tuned...

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